Ceramic Pro Flat Irons

There a variety of different brands and types of ceramic hair flat irons for people to choose from. This includes different sizes and quality. Many women will purchase a flat iron that is more affordable for their lifestyle and that may only cost them between $10 to $30. But this is not the only option that they can choose from.

It is possible to purchase ceramic pro flat irons from any salon or beauty shop. The difference between the pro and the standard flat irons is the quality and the features that are offered. Usually in the most affordable models you will have only two heating options; low and high. This leaves you very little room to negotiate.

For some women the lowest heat is not enough and for others the highest is too much. The more you pay the more heat settings you will have to range with. Instead of two heat settings you will have the option of choosing a heat number that is usually set between 1 to 20.

Another popular feature that can be found on some flat irons is the option to straighten your hair while it is still wet. However, this is not always an option that is chosen often because it does not work for every type of hair. Women with extremely thick hair that frizzes easily should not consider using this as it could possibly make problems worse for them.

When using ceramic pro flat irons you will have the usual heat setting options – but the ceramic plates and heat technology that is used is of higher quality. These types of flat irons will not reach the type of heat that the standard models will because expert cosmetologists understand the damage that it can do to the hair. Extreme amounts of heat can create split ends all over and dry it out.

Because of this you will be able to straighten your hair – but not be damaging it as much. Due to the higher quality and better materials used – the pro flat irons will usually cost anywhere between $50 to $200.