How To Straighten Frizzy Hair

Flat irons are a miracle to women who are tired of having hair that tries to frizz out in every direction and cannot seem to stay tame without large amounts of hairspray and hair clips. Instead they desire their hair to look like that found on celebrities. They want it to be soft and natural looking without tons of hair products in it. The best way to obtain this look is through the use of flat irons. But they are no good to anyone who does not know how to use them properly.

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Many of us will tip our heads over and blow dry our hair from the underneath to the top because it is much faster for our hectic schedules. First rule of thumb when straightening your hair is to give yourself at least an hour or more. YouStraightening Hair need to be able to blow dry your hair perfectly and for women with longer and thicker hair this requires time.

As you blow dry your hair use your brush to pull sections of the hair away from your head. This will help the hair underneath to dry faster. You want to be able to straighten your hair as best you can with the blow dryer. To accomplish this brush your hair downwards on the section that you are working on. Make sure that you dry every section because the flat iron can damage the hair and cause it to crimp instead of straighten when wet.

Parting The Hair

Once you have dried your hair brush any tangles out. Make sure your flat iron is fully heated up before you begin. The best way to straighten your hair is to do it in sections. Starting with one side of your head pick up the top layer and pull it back with a hair clip. If your hair is extra thick you may have to pick up two layers at a time.

Grab a small section of the bottom layer of hair and place the hot flat iron at the top of the hair next to the roots. Slowly pull the flat iron down the length of the hair keeping a firm hold on the hair until you release it at the ends. The heat can be strong so be careful not to burn your fingers, head, or ears.

You will want to keep pulling the sections of hair until the bottom layer is completely worked on. Remember not to keep the flat iron on the hair for too long as it will burn it. Once that layer is finished take down the second layer and repeat the steps. You will keep doing this on every part of your hair until it is all straight and smooth.