Protecting Your Hair From The Heat

It is common knowledge that using a flat iron to straighten the hair can cause damage to the hair. All of the heat from blow dryer combined with that of the flat iron can cause the hair too dry it faster and to cause split ends. This is a woman’s worse nightmare – but it can be avoided. All you need are the right products.

It is important that whatever you do you purchase only the highest quality in shampoos and conditioners. You don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money for high quality though. The best thing you can do is to talk to your hair stylist and ask them what they would recommend. There are special conditioners and shampoos that work together to create healthy hair by replacing the moisture back into it.

Before you blow dry your hair spray in a special protection serum that will shield it from the heat. There are many different brands of this type of hair product. It is made with special ingredients that will protect the hair from the heat damage that is being caused. Because it can be used in dry hair you want to spray it in before you straighten your hair as well.

Your dried out hair will need everything that is can get. Because of this you will want to purchase a hair cream that can be put into your hair after you have straightened it. This cream helps to smooth down any flyaway hair and to give it a glossy and soft look and feel to it. This extra protection helps to keep it smoother for longer periods of time and looking great.

These products work great in your hair – but nothing says protection like a day off. Every once in awhile you can give your hair a break by refraining from using the flat iron on it. On a day when you are staying home or feel like being bum try forgoing using it and instead try to curl it naturally. This will give your hair a much needed break.